rotes Sofa

Stilpolsterei Pfund, a period upholstery, creates distinguished individual furniture featuring outstanding workmanship, superior fabrics, and a large selection of high-quality accessories.

In addition to modern upholstery and the repair and reconditioning of seating furniture our focus is on classical upholstery.
Here, individualists and people with a passion for exclusive seating furniture will find fine craftsmanship combined with a great love for detail. More...

In today's times of often short-lived and haphazardly selected "modern" seating furniture, a trend that has been around for a number of years in the world of interior architecture and design is slowly gaining acceptance. In many offices and businesses it is no longer a rarity to see individual, distinguished seating furniture in entrance areas and hallways. More and more satisfied private customers have also grown to appreciate the high-quality work of master upholsterers.

With my period upholstery shop I aim to create a starting point for all those who appreciate high-quality workmanship and superior fabrics. My exclusive designer fabrics, classical period fabrics and large selection of upscale accessories make me the perfect contact for creating a unique personal item that will bring you many years of enjoyment.

My focus, in addition to modern upholstery using foam materials and the repair and reconditioning of seating furniture, is on classical upholstery. The amount of time required, the exclusive use of classical, all-natural upholstery materials and my passion for detail result in very special "treasures" that will outlive most mass-produced items by many years.